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Saturday April 1st, 2017
PWX Wrestleplex - McKeesport, PA

Results courtesy of Hank Hudson!

 (1A) "The Highlight Of The Night" Classic Chris Helmsly (with Paul Atlas) pinned A.J. Matthews in only 31 seconds after his "Touch Of Class" face-first piledriver!!! Helmsly charged into the ring with a vengeance intent on getting back the expensive ring robe Matthews had taken from him on a previous live event!!!

(1B) HELMSLY "OPEN CHALLENGE" MATCH: The Beastman defeated Classic Chris Helmsly, C.O.R. in only 2:01!!! Overconfident due to his quick victory, Helmsly issued an "open challenge" which was quickly answered by the West Virginia Wildman!!! Helmsly and Atlas would quickly walk out on the match when the going got too tough!!!

(2) "The Hero Of Time" Kato (with Sylvia) pinned Lewis in 7:59!!! Kato purposely snitched on his sexy sidekick as she held Lewis' leg from the edge of the apron!!! As ref Davion Traylor scolded Sylvia, Kato kicked Lewis low and then hoisted him for his "Kato Krunch" emerald-frosien to get the winning three-count!!!

(3) FOUR-ON-TWO HANDICAP TAG-TEAM MATCH: "The Gavel" David Lawless, Esq./(his mystery partners) "The Cogar Brothers" (Otis/Atticus/Silas) defeated "Golden-Boy" Dennis Gregory/Toryn Flight (Lawless pinned Gregory) in 8:31!!! Flight volunteered to replace the originally-scheduled Bubba The Bulldog who could not show due to business-related ventures!!! Though this was agreed upon at the previous 'Plex event to be three-on-two contest, Lawless guiltlessly added an extra teammate to the bout!!! Eventually, as ref Luke Scott was distracted by the goings-on at ringside, Lawless dealt Gregory a rear uppercut lowblow to steal the winning pin!!! Afterward in some family "tough love", Otis and Atticus Cogar left poor brother Silas laying with their brutal "Pitch Black Forecast" doubleteam maneuver!!!

(4) Justin Idol (current holder of the P.W.X. Golden Ticket) pinned "The Bayou Bully" Christian Black in 10:38!!! P.W.X. Senior Official Crusher Hansen pulled rank and bumped ref Luke Scott from this assignment!!! At every opportunity Hansen screwed Idol who eventually would lose his cool and shove "The Enforcing Official" to the canvas to be disqualified at the 8:29 mark!!! However, J.R. Mega would soon emerge through the 'Plex stage curtain to throw Crusher's red challenge flag into the ring!!! Following further review by ref Luke Scott utilizing Crusher's high-tech apparatus, it was determined that the match should continue!!! After Mega battled Hansen through the curtain and out of the way and with Scott once again officiating, Idol soon pinned Black with a snap fisherman-suplex cradle for the duke!!!

(5) P.W.X. THREE RIVERS TITLE CONTENDERS SERIES FINALS: Stryder defeated "The Apex Of Combat" Lee Moriarty, TWO-OUT-OF-THREE FALLS in 17:13 to win the title!!! With Chris Taylor currently injured and due to circumstances beyond the control of P.W.X., the original "double elimination" format had to be scrapped!!!
1st fall: Stryder defeated Moriarty, "Texas Cloverleaf" SUBMISSION at the 8:35 mark!!!
2nd fall: Moriarty defeated Stryder, "Fujiwara Armbar" SUBMISSION at the 12:33 mark!!!
3rd fall: Stryder pinned Moriarty at the 17:13 mark to win the Three Rivers Title!!! Moriarty bowled over Stryder with a flying cross-bodyblock, but the rugby roughneck perfectly timed Lee's momentum plus used a handful of his tights to backroll over and on top of him to steal the deciding three-count!!!

(6) UNOFFICIAL TAG-TEAM BRAWL: Kato commandeered the house mic to complain how Ashton Amherst's continual absence was not going to cheat his men "Locked & Loaded", Duke Davis and Ganon Jones, Jr., out of a scheduled P.W.X. tag-team title shot!!! However, "The Hero Of Time" and his men were at first confronted by Shirley Doe and soon after by his fellow "Hellfire Club" member The Beastman!!! An over four-minute long war ensued requiring both referees, at least a half-dozen P.W.X. wrestlers, and threats from P.W.X. owner Jim Miller to finally restore order!!!

*****"The Rev" Ron Hunt took over the 'Plex microphone to shoot on the past lifestyle of "sinner" Chris Taylor and bellyache about how Taylor's recent injury indirectly helped bring about a change in the P.W.X. Three Rivers Title Series format ending Rev's chances!!! Taylor came to ring to surprisingly agree with most of Rev's diatribe and would soon agree to become the newest member of The Putpit!!! The newly-converted former "Iron City Prince Of Sin" even offered to lead The Putpit in a prayer service!!! However, barely into the act, Taylor lowblowed the self-proclaimed "Savior Of Professional Wrestling" while shouting "April Fool"!!!*****

(7) Don Christopher (formerly known as Cassidy Stone) (with Chris Taylor) pinned "The Rev" Ron Hunt (with one member of The Pulpit) in 10:22 after his spectacular "leaping neckbreaker" specialty!!! Taylor's crutches as well as Rev's religious "bling" came into play as weapons during the course of this contest!!!

(8A) P.W.X. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion "The Alpha Dog" J.R. Mega vs. "The Enforcing Official" Crusher Hansen, NO CONTEST in only 2:02 (Mega retained his title)!!! "Locked & Loaded" interfered and beat up on both principals in their effort to force Mega to give them their scheduled tag-team title shot!!! Crusher Hansen offered to fill in for the absent Ashton Amherst in "Team Mega" in exchange for some future heavyweight title bouts with the very wary Mega!!!

(8B) P.W.X. TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: "Locked & Loaded" ("The Meta Human" Duke Davis/"Pro Wrestling All-Star" Ganon Jones, Jr.) (with Kato and Sylvia) defeated (the makeshift team defending the title) J.R. Mega/Crusher Hansen (Davis pinned Mega) in 10:34 to win the title!!! With Crusher Hansen beaten-down and injured at ringside, Davis planted Mega inside the ring with his "Sum Of All Bombs" double-arm sit-out chokeslam!!! The Duke followed up by holding "The Alpha Dog" captive facedown in a "wheelbarrow" position for Jones to dropkick him upside his head, before he dropped him face-first into the canvas!!! "Locked & Loaded" finished up with a double-chokeslam on Mega for Davis' historic title-changing pin!!!